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Denise Montoya


San Francisco Horseback riding lessons

about Denise @

I was born here in San Francisco but grew up in Colorado. I have been trail riding since I was 12 and had no formal lessons until I was an adult. I was the only person in my family interested in horses so I understand how easy it is to "talk your parents" into thinking everything is OK because they don't know... Looking back I see how dangerous horses can be and I'm grateful to have walked away from some situations that could have not ended so well. I now understand the importance of working with an instructor, learning horse behavior, and safety for both horse and rider.

My qualifications:

I worked for a local rental stable for 6 years as a trail guide and at the same time I was working with young horses, old horses and everything in between that were brought in from auction to either be a part of the rent string or be transitioned in to new jobs and sold. I drove a horse drawn carriage at San Francisco's Fisherman's wharf for a couple of years and since then have been providing private training for horse and rider throughout the bay area for the last 17 years. 

Mission Statement

I aim to provide a safe environment where humans and horses can learn, interact and grow together by establishing a relationship of mutual trust and respect through the use of gentle communication but with the ability to still speak horse.