Denise Montoya


CHESTER (recently retired)

Chester was given to us by a student who didn't want to see him end up on a rent string. He was rescued from an auction and miss matched with this student who needed more of a beginner horse. Chester is a Left brain introvert in my opinion and at times can be argumentative and defiant. With the proper handling and the right consistency he did very well in out program. I'm happy to say that Chester is retired and living his Golden years in pasture in Washington State with a close friend.


Buddy was given to us as a gift, He was one of the horses that was being tried out by a client and she choose the other horse as a better husband horse. Buddy is a right brain extrovert with a tendency to freeze when asked to do to many things at once. He needs to be understood and you need to be patient with him so that he can trust you. With the proper handling and consistency he is very sweet and willing but is more confident with a confident rider.

Buddy is currently looking for someone to lease him part-time.


Kash was bought for his beauty and anybody that knows horses knows that the pretty ones are not the easiest. Kash wasn't started until he was 6 so he was allowed to mature and be a horse most of his life. When he was purchased he was cheap because he was still green with less than 60 hours under saddle.

The previous owner had been working with a trainer, didn't quite realize what "green" meant or didn't realize that her skill level wasn't quite a match, and ended up in the hospital 2x before she decided to sell him. He has a scar on his right eye lid from one of the accidents. He was quite wild when we got him, had just been ridden in a bosel and not used to a bit. Kash is a left brain extrovert and in the wrong hands would be quite a handful as he has a tendency to be naughty. Kash is still in training and has only been used for horsemanship classes.  

Lobo was given to us almost 2 years ago. He was overweight and lame at the time but he recovered quite well and he is now our best lesson horse. He is very sweet and a favorite around the barn. He is well behaved, and well trained! He is a Left-Brain Extrovert and is very curious and mischievous at times.

The Doctor ((must say with a British accent!!!) any whovianns out there...)

Was given to us about a year ago. We are excited because he is a jumper! He's been in training and will be used for lessons with small children or for horsemanship classes. He is a Right-Brain Introvert he needs clarification and direction. Consistency is key.