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Denise Montoya


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Arena Lessons

I start all beginners on a line in the round pen until they have the confidence and skill to control their own horse. We slowly make our way off line and into the larger arena. I do not allow my students to advance to the next level until they have displayed proper control of the horse.

Trail Lessons

For more advanced riders I offer trail lessons. It can be quite hectic out on any trail and I don't take any chances. Even the best horses can sometimes spook so I make sure both the rider and the horse they are on are

ready to handle any situation that might come up. 

Horsemanship Lessons

(no riding)

You will learn how to safely lead and be around a horse. I will teach you how to play trust building games with your horse and how to better understand what the horse is trying to say to you. I will teach you the difference between respectful and dangerous behavior. You will also learn how to lunge a horse at a controlled walk, trot, and canter both on line and at liberty.