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Denise Montoya


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My name is Denise Montoya, I am a local horseback riding instructor in the San Francisco bay area.

I started in January of 2014. I had been teaching private lessons for the past 11 years prior part time. I decided in 2014 that it was time to take a leap of faith and attempt this dream full time.

It has been quite the roller coaster ride I have to say, being a single mom and doing everything myself including, trying to figure out how to market my website, doing my own scheduling, bookkeeping, training, teaching lessons, exercising horses and cleaning stalls.

I follow natural horsemanship and teach beginner English and Western styles of riding. I've studied Pat Parelli and Sally Swift. I believe in the centered riding method and I teach horseback riding from the ground up.

I think it is important to have a relationship with the horse so that you can both move forward as a team. Both the rider and the horse have to trust each other and have confidence in one another so that both can be safe and have fun.


 3 months into quarantine I found out some very disturbing news about my boss that had caused me to be concerned about bringing children onto the property. I struggled with that knowing that I needed the job.

It was already June and all of the Bay area summer camps were wondering if they were going to be able to conduct camps during the summer. I was concerned about all of the restrictions and the penalties for violations. I had wondered if my business or good name could be affected by my boss's lack of preparation and planning or follow through. 

All the while in the back of my head I was thinking to myself "how can he possibly, legally be running this business with no accountability" and "do I really want to bring children onto the property knowing what I now know".

I was happy the shutdown was slowing the inevitable decision that I needed to make about summer camp and whether I wanted to teach for my boss at all.  I was inevitably asking questions about updated covid-19 restrictions, what kind of policies we were adopting, procedures for opening and what the protocol was going to be for social distancing.

Who was going to clean the bathroom after every kid or trail riding customer has used it. Who is going to be wiping all the saddle horns and all the reins for the trail rides that go out between camp breaks so that the kids are not exposed. 

I voiced my opinion on these issues and I was fired for it. At least I didn't have to make the decision to not run the summer camp anymore, that decision had been made for me. 

I was given a written 30 day notice for termination of our contract for lessons and summer camp as well as a 30-day notice to move my horses that I had been using in their lesson program.

Since July, I have been looking for a local barn to conduct my small business and I have been quite unsuccessful. Sadly, there are barns in the area closing and wait lists to get into places and the liability issues of allowing someone to conduct business on their property. 

At the moment my horses are safe and in pastures all scattered around the Bay Area, but this pandemic is hitting small businesses very hard and mine is no exception.

It makes me sad to think that I either might have to sell my business assets (who basically are my horses, my friends, and my coworkers) or give them away to rescues so someone else can "rescue" them so they can then be scared with strangers who don't know them.

Some of these horses have been in my life for as long as 15 years in my business and we work very well together. When I take on an animal I intend to have it or keep it safe for the rest of it's life through thick or thin.

Through my 17 year career with horses I have been actively working with local Bay area rescues. I have helped dozens of auction bound horses find their forever homes and live out their happy ever after's!

You hear all of these devastating stories about how these animals are ending up in shelters, at rescues or at an auction because people can't afford to have them anymore but you're not given the heartbreaking story of the person that lost or has to give away the animal because they couldn't afford to have them anymore even after having had them for the last 15 years. 

We don't hear the stories of parents having to  tell their kids that their  dog or cat won't be moving with them because they can no longer afford a place that will allow their pet even though they've had it for 8 years already.

Most of these people have every intention to keep their beloved pets for the rest of their lives but then something unexpected like this zombie apocalypse happens and things start to take a turn for the worse.

I'm pleading with anybody who has the means to be able to help me. I need money for hay but I'm not set up as a non-profit and I can't offer you a tax deductible credit for your donation.

I am a struggling small-business trying to hang on and feed my livestock while I sort things out with updating my business plan so that I can apply for a small business loan.

I have taken this time off to do my research to create an acceptable 5 year business plan. I have all of my pre-production work done and I'm ready to write a proper business plan and hope that it doesn't sound like a sixth grader wrote it.

In the meantime, while I still figure out what my options are, I'm looking to raise $2000 for hay and grain four five horses. Anything would help. I'm auctioning off everything I can on different various sites so that I can raise the much-needed money to continue my business of the last 17 years.

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It's been proven that horses are not only good for the soul but can have many positive benefits including:

Increased self-confidence

trust building skills






communication skills verbal/non verbal

Don't give them something to run from, give them something to run to!

My pay pal link is located @ my Instagram 

Auction for

Bolex delux pkg

Bidding starts at 2k and ends at 8:pm a week from today. (December 17 @ 8:pm PST) all bids should be addressed to [email protected] to formally be considered part of the auction. Donations would greatly be appreciated. My Paypal link is above.

If I don't formally hear about the camera I will assume the money was a donation. Thank you to everyone in advance who believes in me and my methods enough to contribute to the well being of these. horses.






trust building skills with Stormy